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anoyo: Made for me! Amy leaning against Spartan and smiling. (heartland amy and spartan)

approximately true

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Created on 2009-11-09 06:38:05 (#456128), last updated 2019-04-22 (1 day ago)

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Name:Liz / pyrrhical / anoyo
Website:Approximately True
Hi, I'm Liz. (Hi, Liz!) I have two pseuds: anoyo and pyrrhical. They're used interchangeably, and the only difference is that anoyo came first. I was born around the time we elected the first Bush, in one of the few Midwestern states that didn't give him any electoral votes. (I was also born on a farm. Because I'm a stereotype like that.) I have a lot of letters after my name, and work in mental health education and research. (Specifically: complex trauma education and research.) My journal is a smorgasbord of random crap about all of the above, plus the 20 years of fandom I've been in. (I started young. Stupid Star Trek.) I cuss a lot, and without thinking about it, which is why I've got a warning on this journal. Occasionally, it's there for other reasons, too.

So, this journal is locked for talk about personal things, like money, work, and mental illness. All of my fanfiction can be found on my AO3 page, so if you're looking for that, head on over. I do talk about / post / update fic here.

This journal is mostly locked because people don't need to hear about personal things unless they want to, and I also do sometimes feature an open fic prompt post.

I have a pretty liberal friending policy. If we've spoken before, I'll add you back. If we haven't, make a comment on my FO post, and...I'll probably friend you back!

Generally speaking, I talk about fandom, work, and mental health. Sometimes my posts are entirely pointless! Fandom-wise, I'm currently the most obsessed with Killjoys, Supergirl, and Teen Wolf, but I pick up new books, TV shows, and movies all the time.

If you want to see all the things I'm into, want to write me a gift fic, or want me to write you a gift fic check out this entry for the things I'm currently / consistently into.

Buy Me a Coffee at

Come join [community profile] lands_of_magic!

(And definitely join the Summer Court. Seriously. Tell them I sent you for the red carpet treatment.)

Friends only image by [personal profile] denija of BBC's "Merlin."

General Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, all stories obviously written as fanfiction contained within this journal are property of their various owners. They are written purely for entertainment and not for monetary gain, nor for any form of copyright infringement or distribution. If at any time, the rightful owners of those media would like a story taken down, I can be contacted at pyrrhical[at]gmail[dot]com.

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